Below are some frequently asked questions and answers.


  • What is a nation?

  • The nations in Lund have been around since the 17th century. Their primary purpose is the social activities outside the studies. A nation is an organization run by students, for students. They conduct activities such as food service, pubs and nightclubs, but are complemented by sport activities, the nations newspapers, students’ farce, scholarships and housing. Every nation has its own niche. Helsingkrona, which is the largest nation with our 3400 memebers, is the nation for all. We conduct lunches, restaurants, pubs, sittings, nightclubs and brunches.

  • Why should you get engaged?

  • The nation is the perfect place to meet new friends, escape the anxiety of exams, and to have fun! At Helsingkrona nation there are activities for everyone. We recommend everyone to engage at least once during the years of academics in order to gain as much of the time as possible. Read more on how to engage here.

  • What is Studentlund?

  • Studentlund is a cooperative body for the students’ unions, the nations and AF (the Academic Association), which was founded in 2009. All the students’ unions and nations are members apart from the Technology union, the Doctoral union and Smålands nation. With a membership in Studentlund you’ll be part of Lund’s entire student life.


  • How do I get accommodation?

  • As a student in Lund, the first thing you should do is to get in line at the Academic Association's (AF) housing queue. As a new student, you also have a fortune to some residents through their housing lottery. They have everything from dorms to larger apartments. The housing queue is available on this page. AF housing is the largest operator of student housing in Lund. A membership in Studentlund is required in order to get housing through AF. A membership can easily be obtained by visiting their website. Since their housing lottery is held before enrollment at the nations begins a membership of a nation is not required to participate in the lottery. However, later in the semester, you must sign in to a nation to in order to stay. More information is available here.

  • How do I get accommodation at a nation?

  • The nations in Lund have housing too, some more than others. Helsingkrona Nation is one of the nations with the most residential opportunities by far. We accommodate 356 students in the middle of LTH's campus. To apply for accommodation at the nation you must join Studentlund and sign up at Helsingkrona. Your chance to get housing will of course increase if you get engaged in the nation or if you are a new student. You can find the housing application on this page. For questions, please contact [email protected]

  • How do I get second-hand contracts?

  • There are also many who rent out in second-hand. Often, people are studying abroad a semester or maybe someone is looking for a roommate. Pages for this can be found on Facebook under "Apartments in Lund".

    Important to keep in mind is not to be too picky at first and not to worry, everyone has somewhere to live in the end!


  • How do I join Helsingkrona Nation?

  • 1. Register
    Go to Studentlund, click on the link "Step One: Join!". Follow their instructions how to register. The registration will open on January 1st and you can register as soon as you have received your registration with registration code at antagning.se! You pay the membership fee directly through the web or by getting an invoice sent to you. If you have any problems, we can help you sign up at the office.

    2. Enrollment on the nation
    Email [email protected] with attatched certification of admission from antagning.se or registration from LADOK and we will help you!Feel free to ask any questions you might have about us or the student life in Lund! You can also visit us at Tornavägen 3C, when the enrollment opens on 18/1 at 10.00. Sign up, get a free coffee and meet our lovely foremen who will guide you through the student jungle in Lund. Enrollment is open every weekday 10-18 until the 12th of February. After that you can sign up during our regular opening hours 11-13 every day and 17-18 Tuesdays and Thursdays or per mail as said above.

  • Can I join the nation even though I do not study at Lund University?

  • You can join as a support member, which allows you to participate in the usual events and to seek accommodation with the nation. To become a support member, you must pay a visit to our office in order for us to assist you. Note that only these schools are allowed support memberships:

    • Malmö University

    Campus Helsingborg, the Faculty of Arts in Malmö and the University of Ljungbyhed, are all part of Lund University!


  • When will I receive my student card?

  • Immediately when you enroll at the nation, your student card will be ordered and you will be certified as a student. However, the physical card may last up to two to three weeks before it arrives. But almost immediately after you enroll, you can download the Student Card app to android and ios. This digital version of the card works just as well as the physical one.

  • I have the physical card, why should I download the studentkort app?

  • Not only does you save a lot of space in your wallet, but also all the discounts are collected in the app. You can easily search which deals you have discount on.

Frequently asked questions & answers